Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Hype

For several years in a row, I've been missing the thrill of what should be so exciting about the ball dropping in Times Square or (for those of us from Ohio) the gigantic walleye fish streaming down the pole near Lake Erie marking the official beginning of a new year. Am I really getting that old ? Does anyone else feel the same way ? I've determined that the most memorable and magical New Year's celebrations were when I was a kid and my parents had friends over to the house and we ate junk food all night long and didn't get told that it was bedtime even once. Next to that were my high school years when I was deemed "cool" enough to get an invitation to the hottest New Year's party in town. Two years in a row I partied well into the night, waiting to see who would end up kissing who when the ball finally dropped. In other words, who would be planting their lips on mine !

Now that I've reached what feels like my senior citizen days rather than my senior year, I am fortunate that I can rely on the fact that only my husband's lips will be kissing mine at the stroke of midnight and throughout the new year. For this, I am happy. The cherry on top my delicious evening is that I have the sweetest baby girl to smooch as well. For this, I am doubly blessed.

Indeed, 2006 has been an incredible year. Just think - 365 days of sweet baby smiles, morning hugs and cuddly bedtimes. This could quite possibly be my best year ever ! An entire year of Elaina ! Consumed in this precious little package of our daughter is everything I have always hoped my daughter would be. Actually, Elaina is everything I have always prayed for and more. How do we get the bonus "more," I'll never know. One thing that I am certain of is that there hasn't been a sigle day that has passed when I haven't thought myself to be the luckiest mom alive. I know I have said it before but it remains true an entire year later. Every mom should absolutely feel this way about their child and never take a single day for granted. Both Eric and I have learned this lesson well; not to take a single thing for granted. Life is too precious and life is too short.

With the finale of 2006, here is a recap of some of the most precious moments I will hold dear to my heart as I look back.

January - adoption finalization hearing with both sets of grandparents and close friends attending

February- Elaina learns to crawl

March - birth of "Elaina's Story" blog and Elaina's first word

April - 1st Easter

May - Elaina's baptism, my first "real" Mother's day

June - Walking !

July - Incredible first birthday party at Grandma and Grandpa W.'s house

August - more solid foods

September - Colin's baptism, we are chosen as Colin's godparents

October - Walk for the Angels walk-a-thon in honor of Elaina's sisters, Ella and Ava

November - learned ring-around-the rosey song and dance

December- wonderful, happy Christmas

With this, I look forward to another amazing year with everyone we love !

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