Tuesday, January 02, 2007

18 Months Old !

18 Months Old ! This is an incredible age for my baby girl ! It's so interesting to me how a child goes from infant to toddler in such a short period of time. At work today, one of the magistrate's brought her 14 month old granddaughter in to show off. Her name is Helena and she is a doll ! It's just incredible that just 4 short months ago, Elaina was the same age; relatively new to walking, still discovering her range of movement, and barely talking. Compared to a 14 month old, Elaina acts like a mini adult. Seriously - only 4 months difference !
Our "mini adult" is just amazing ! Here is a short run down of some things that our 18 month old is doing :
* I can't even keep up with the number of words she says. Her vocabulary has exploded !
* She assists in getting herself dressed and undressed. Like me, she doesn't like for her sleeves to bunched up by her elbows. After her hands get washed, she pulls her sleeves back to her wrists where they belong.
* She has taken up mimicking me with her arms crossed. When she does it, it looks like she's pouting but she's not. When I do it, it's most generally because I am cold.
* Still a picky eater, although scrambled eggs have their way onto the menu as of late.
* Does the "ring around the rosey" twirl while singing "ashes, ashes" and twirls to the alphabet song. She also tries the motions from the "Itsy-Bitsy-Spider" song when we sing the ABC song.
* She can sing "ABC" in tune and then hoots the rest along with my words.
* Our bedtime routine has changed. I used to read her books downstairs until she fell asleep in my arms. Now, we'll read a a few stories in her bedroom and while she's awake, I'll lay her in her crib and she puts herself to sleep without a peep.
* Still loves her bath and assists me in putting away the bath toys when prompted so that she is allowed to (then) unplug the drain and say "bye-bye" to the water.
* Has begun to take Flintstones multi-vitamins regularly.
* She can make the sound or action of nearly a dozen animals.
* She is developing the best sense of humor. She can predict what will make mommy and daddy laugh and she loves to interact in our own games.
* She is able to put together puzzles and makes up "words" to her own stories and songs !
We are all having so much fun together - she is the best ! Although I'm watching my sweet baby slip into toddler-hood before my very eyes, seeing life and fun through her eyes has made the whole transition totally worthwhile !

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Anonymous said...

Babies are cuddly, toddlers are fun, and children are to be enjoyed at every age -- even when they are 32.
Grandma H.