Monday, January 29, 2007

The Joy of Cooking, Toddler Style

I'm happy to report that Elaina has recently expressed an interest in cooking. She's still not particularly fond of eating so much, but her palate has welcomed the addition of pears and string cheese as of late. Me, on the other hand, I love to cook and try new recipes and most of all, I love to eat! I've still got my fingers crossed that Elaina will someday enjoy a wide range of foods and not be so picky. She's still got plenty of time and we still keep trying.

I had come across a great new recipe that I was looking forward to making and since it was going to take me some time to prepare it, I decided to include Elaina in the process. Surprisingly, she is a very patient, interested little helper. She says "cook" and will hold her hand at a distance from the skillet and say "hot" and touch cold ingredients and say "cold." Tonight, I taught her to say salt and pepper and she is always quick to point out "eggies" which she continues to enjoy. Pictured above, we were in the process of making corn casserole as a side dish and when I stepped aside for only a minute, Elaina had dunked my Tupperware can opener into the batter, thinking it would be better to stir with. I put all of my neurotic germ-a-phobe worries aside and calmly lifted the can opener from the batter, abiding by the 5 second rule of contamination. (It works for some people.)

Since our dinner feast was going to take a little longer than I had anticipated, (due to my little helper) I decided to go ahead and feed Elaina something else for dinner. She sat in her highchair with her favorite all beef bologna in front of her and began making her tired-motor-purring sounds. She was about to fall asleep! I offered her several other dinner options and concluded by asking her if she wanted to go to bed. I finally got an agreeable nod of her head. I had no choice but to abide by her request and took her off to bed, without any dinner. At 6:45. As I was changing her into her pajamas, she shivered saying, "burr, cold!" Obvious goosebumps covered her little body until I was able to get her jammied up and snuggled into a warm blanket in bed. Hmm.... no appetite, overly tired and cold? Fear strikes the mommy and daddy of the house. It sounds like Elaina has the makings of a cold or the unspeakable- the flu. Stay tuned.

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