Monday, January 08, 2007

Event Coordinator

When I arrived home from work this evening, Elaina anxiously greeted me in the kitchen with a happy smile and outstretched arms. (THAT IS THE BEST!) After a quick hug, she backed off and began to tug at my coat saying "Off." She has some issues with me wearing my coat inside and God forbid that I wear my hood or even a hat. For some mysterious reason, my child cries if I wear something over my head that she's unable to see my hair. Weirdo. Anyhow... I took my coat off to her liking and we headed into the living room to greet Eric as well. We played the tickle / hug game for a little while before I excused myself to go to the ladies room. Elaina quickly asked "Potty?" I politely told her "yes " and she ran ahead of me, leading the way to the bathroom, opened the door and pat her hand atop the closed toilet lid and said, " Mommy, pee-pee." Ahh ... she gets it !

Lately, there's been a lot of "potty" talk around our house. We've been talking to Elaina about going potty and asking her if she has to go potty, etc. We're not exactly ready to begin potty training at 18 months, but we're beginning to build our foundation. The fact that she's caught on this much in a short amount of time is impressive. She is frequently willing to sit on her potty in her bathroom, generally before her bath, but so far, the only water that has been running is in the bathtub. I'm hoping, however, that we're establishing a habit that she can adjust to. We only have one problem :
Can someone tell me why a child's training seat has to be so blasted cold ? Hello ... it's cold, hard, plastic that I'm expecting for my little girl to park her warm, soft tushie on to do some business. The fact is, the potty chair is so cold that when she sits down, she jumps back up and says, "Burrr !" Good thing we're aiming for summertime potty training !

SideNote : Marianne - I think we may be onto to something; a warm, soft potty chair that is easily disinfected ! Since we let the Boppy and shopping cart covers get away from us !!
- Laura :-)))

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Grandma H. said...

The hospitals had a similar problem with the x-ray table on the mammogram machine. Now they have what is called a soft-mammogram. The table is covered in a cushie, warm plastic much like the feel of a nerf football. It is also easy to sanitize. I wonder if they would have that kind of plastic fabric at JoAnn Fabric or Hobby Lobby.