Thursday, January 11, 2007

Much Better Day

We actually made it through an ungodly long and unbearable day yesterday and it seems as though we're both going to make it. Even better than that, Eric is back home from his trip out of town.

There is one thing that I failed to report previously, that is Elaina has been on an antibiotic for an ear infection and just finished up her very last dose today. Will someone please share with me how a child on an antibiotic used to treat an ear infection can actually do better and then get (what seems to be) another ear infection within the same period of time ? I don't know for sure that it's a full blown ear infection again, but she has her share of cold symptoms to deal with.
I just don't get it. Anyhow, she seems to be feeling somewhat better and she slept a full, entire, 10 hours last night. Whoo-Hoo !
Here are some pictures of my happy, feel-good, girl !

This was not taught to her by the bad mother, it was her bad father who showed Elaina this trick!

"Cook?" But it's not even close to 2 a.m. !
I love you, Elaina !

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