Thursday, January 25, 2007

Patience with the patient...

So I'm writing this blog entry as if time has stood still and like it's really only Thursday. Just think, 2 month from now, no one would even suspect that it's really Sunday night and I have 4 days of blogging to catch up on. Just play along, would 'ya ?

The reason that I have been lagging behind is that I have been plagued, once again, with the CRUD. The crud is an awful sinus infection that I seem to be getting about 2 times a month. My doctor suspects that I get such frequent infections due to my allergies and one thing leads to another and an infection begins brewing. Gross. Oh yeah, I take 2 kinds of allergy meds with no relief. Just insane dry mouth and I never feel hydrated. And let me not fail to mention that I never, ever had allergies until I moved to Eastern Ohio and hit the ripe old age of 24. At this point, I'm not even sure what I am allergic to anymore, but I know this round of illness has been one of the worst ever. The only redeeming factor is that sinus infections aren't contagious. A blessing in disguise?

Today, I had reached my limit. My teeth and gums ache like never before, my ears drums feel like they are going to burst, my nose has been running like a faucet and when I cough, I'm sure to cover my mouth- just so I'm ready to catch my left lung that I seemed to have loosened. Did I mention that I hate being sick? By the time I saw my doctor, we both agreed that I was in need of a full allergy work-up and a visit to an ENT. She prescribed a super-strength 10-day antibiotic and sent me home to rest. Eric was a saint and picked up Elaina (as usual), took her to the library and picked up my prescription before returning home.

Very soon I hope to be feeling better and finally put an end to my recurring battle with the crud.

****We will now return to our regularly scheduled worthwhile blog stories. Thank you for your patience.****

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