Monday, January 15, 2007

Back at the Homestead ...

How I love my parents !! Before I went to bed last night, my mom told me that when Elaina woke in the morning, to bring her out for them to watch while I slept in. Oh heaven... extra sleep ! With the exception of a dirty diaper interuption, I melted away into a sleepy dreamland well into the morning. Sheer bliss! This is the way a day off from work should be celebrated!

Elaina and I got back on the road, heading for home, a little later than I had intended but made excellent time. We walked in the door to find that my wonderful, hard-working, fabulous husband had vacuumed downstairs, made the bed and had laundry already started. He had even lit some candles for a little extra relaxation and fragrance, just like I do! Isn't he good !??

The only thing better than that was the look on Eric and Elaina's faces as they hugged after being away from each other for 3 days - sheer love and joy. Just beautiful.

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