Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lucky Break

Elaina's NOT sick!

Whew, what a relief! Eric and I were caught off guard last night with Elaina's early bedtime request and must have checked on her at least a dozen times between us. This morning, she woke at her usual 7:00 hour and turned on the music from her aquarium toy. I happily retrieved her from her bed and savored my good morning hug. We snuggled in bed, watching the last 10 minutes of Miffy and Friends on Noggin, before I forced myself back into reality and made myself get ready to go to work. I have to say that I could have easily talked myself into taking the entire day off to spend with her since I missed her so much.

Elaina was the only kid at the babysitter's house today since the local schools had closed due to the snow and the fact that the other kids' moms are teachers. Not a bad day to soak in all the spoiling all by herself. Our lucky little girl. Too bad this mom doesn't get snow days.

After trudging through the snow and my day at work, I came home to my favorite smiling girl and we began our fun. Like I had mentioned earlier, Elaina is beginning to like pears.And now, I've learned that she doesn't so much love the pear skin.

She was such a pleasure tonight and even called to wish Grandma W. a "HppyDay Maw-ma." That is "Happy Birthday Grandma!" in Elaina speak.

Elaina's favorite books by far continue to be Dr. Seuss's, "Hop Pop" (Hop on Pop) and the dum, ditty, dum book which is Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. Other favorites include Goodnight Moon and the collection of Sandra Boynton books. (courtesy of Aunt Kate)I love hearing her read to herself!

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