Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day of Play !

Day 2 at Maw-ma and Pop-pop’s House + special visit from cousin Colin = 6 exhausted adults x 2 lively toddlers = recipe for fun !

That’s right, Elaina’s cousin Colin came over to play today. It’s funny that when I put it like that, it sounds as if he walked across the street for a quick visit. Not the case. Greg, Kate and Colin made the 2 hour trek from Columbus to our parents’ house to spend the day visiting and kid-chasing.

Because Elaina and Colin are only 6 months apart, they are so much fun to watch as they interact and learn each other’s behavior. Colin happily welcomed Elaina with a hug and sweet kiss on the cheek. Let’s hear it …. Awwwe. Yeah, it was adorable. Elaina returned the love when it was time to say goodbye. She cuddled up and kissed all of us as she waved her little floppy hand “bye-bye!”

We spent the day playing with books and toys and intermittent sit-downs to watch some favorite Noggin episodes. We formed a triangle on the floor and took turns rolling a ball back and forth, learning how to take turns. Aunt Laura (that’s me) brought Pop- Rocks for the wee ones to enjoy! In case you’re not familiar with Pop-Rocks, they are the little, crushed, sugar candy that pops, fizzles and explodes in your mouth. The perfect treat for such novice mouths. Elaina has had them before with her dad, and wasn’t entirely loving them today. Colin, however, ate a whole bowl full and helped to finish off Elaina’s while he was at it. Talk about bold! Not only do I love watching the kids play together, but I love to watch Colin and see what a 2 year old is all about. Admittedly, he is a typical “2”- challenging his boundaries, but he is incredibly sweet and smart and squeezable and lovable. It’s so interesting for me to see the differences in boy and girl behavior and what I can expect in the upcoming months when Elaina hits the 2 year mark.
All in all, we enjoyed a great day together, overeating and visiting. That’s what we’re all about! Thanks to Greg and Kate for coming to spend your day off with us and giving me a taste of “2 !”

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