Monday, January 29, 2007

Getting Connected

Since late last week, we've been experiencing trouble with our phone line and internet connection. Tonight, the cable man came to access the problem. This dear man arrived 2o minutes after our 2 hour time window, and in the bitter, freezing cold temperatures, was climbing the telephone pole across the street to test our connections. I have never felt so selfish as I did tonight as I sat comfortably in my warm house for the evening, catching up on the newspaper. Yeah, yeah... it is his job, but, I couldn't help to feel so demanding as if we "needed" the luxuries of our phone and internet at 10:30 at night, forcing him out into the dark cold of the night.

In the end, he determined that it was a problem with the cables outside and requested a crew to be dispatched tomorrow.

Thank you Cable Man for restoring my faith in customer service (especially in the cable company) and working so diligently for our own superficial, selfish desires.

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