Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tucked Inside

For the past 2 weeks (and counting) we've really had a heavy dose of winter weather. And I'm saying that like we shouldn't ? Okay- I know, I know- it is January afterall and we're still living in Ohio. I should just count us fortunate that the past few months have been especially mild and now is the time we're going to be paying for it.

Today, Eric spent 12 hours in a CCW training class. (That's "carry concealed weapon" by the way.) He had organized a group of 17 people who wanted to apply for their certification, he found an instructor and they got their training completed all in one day. Since I don't happen to have a particular interest in ever carrying a concealed weapon, I spent my 12 hours playing with my best girlfriend, Elaina.
The interesting part about today is that it was just one of those rare peaceful days that don't seem to happen our way all too frequently. It seems as though there has been a problem in our cable lines which has affected our phone lines and internet access. Our internet has been down and only working sporadically and our phone hasn't worked at all today. God bless a peacefully quiet house! It was actually a luxury that the phone never rang, meaning no telemarketers to avoid and I couldn' feel obligated to blog since I couldn't. (I just busted myself since I'm writing this Tuesday, as if it were still only Saturday - I just have a good memory.) The ironic part of this whole cable-service fiasco is that it hasn't affected our cable on the TV at all. Thank goodness since I (admittedly) rely on a few episodes of Noggin to get some housework done every now and then.
The bulk of our day, Elaina and I played, I was able to get some chores done and we even snuggled down for a long nap together. Unlike every other mom who has taken their child outside to play, Elaina's mommy isn't particularly fond of windy 20 degree days such as this, and I kept the both of us locked inside all weekend. In fact, this is the second weekend in a row that I haven't attempted to even leave the house to go shopping! Trust me, that is no small feat for a shopper like myself and Eric is really beginning to suspect that there is really something more wrong with me! I've managed to run a few errands here and there on my way home from work a few times (mostly to stock up on cold meds and tissues) and don't have an urgent need for anything at this time. I just can't bring myself to want to go out in this freezing cold weather with Elaina when we could be so much happier in our cozy, warm house enjoying girl-time.
Here are just a few of Elaina's favorite puzzles that she has mastered.

We'll be hitting th stores again soon enough, but until then, home is where I want to be.

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