Friday, January 12, 2007

Humor of 1.6 Years

Since nothing particularly earth-shattering happened today, (thank God) I just wanted to pass along some cute Elaina stories.

* Elaina loves the game of peek-a-boo. (What child doesn't ?) Her version, however, has taken a little twist. Elaina covers her eyes with both hands and says, "Bye-bye!" Apparently, she believes that she is invisible when she can no longer see us in front of her. Goofball.

* Yes, I want her binky obsession to become history, but until then, she needs more binkies. The reason for this contradiction is that I have recently learned that her green Soothie brand binkies are intended for babies under 3 months old. The way she is gnawing on them, she is splitting the nipple and I am scared to death that her binky would then become an instant choking hazard. Tonight as I picked her up from Nancy's, I handed her a new package of mature- baby-binkies with the cardboard backing slightly peeled off to let her fish out her prize. Once she got her hands on her new pink, binks, she happily proclaimed, "Happy Day!" (I guess she liked them)

* Recently, Elaina has been told repeatedly to "sit down." She and another little boy at Nancy's house like to climb on top of a see-saw type rocker when turned upside down. Therefore, she has gotten her share of being told to sit down. Tonight, Elaina climbs atop the ottoman with her popcorn popper push toy and yells, "Sit down, popcorn! Popcorn, Sit down!"

* Lately, when Elaina bumps into something, drops something or does something she's not supposed to do, she politely says, "Oops, so-wee." (sorry) After an apology like that, I couldn't dare to be mad at her for a second. Most times though, she says it over insignificant "accidents", such as bumping into Keegan or dropping a book, etc. Cute every last time!

* Stinkerbell is quite capable of saying "no" to anything she doesn't prefer. I make a point to ask her questions quite frequently to see what she is understanding and to improve our communication skills. She hardly ever says the word "yes," at all. If I ask her a question that I know should result in a "yes" answer, I only get a nod of her head.
Mommy : Elaina, do you want a binky ?
Elaina: nod (yes)
Mommy: Elaina, do you want to watch Noggin ?
Elaina: nod (yes)
Mommy : Elaina, do you know how to say "yes?"
Elaina : nod (yes)
Mommy : Elaina, do you want to eat ?
Elaina : "No."

And that's my girl !

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