Saturday, January 13, 2007

3 Day Weekend !

Yesterday, Eric had left home to work a gun show in Maryland and since we're off on Monday (happy MLK day!) Elaina and I are spending the weekend at my parents' house. After she went to bed last night, I started packing the truck in an effort to save time this morning. I hooked up the DVD player, packed all of our clothes, toys and books and had all of her snacks and sippy's ready to go. How's that for efficiency ? Oh, except that I was up until 1:00 trying to finish the last bit of laundry, and put things in order around the house. (Courtesy of my severe Type A behavior.)

This morning, the love of my life wakes up at 5:30. Ohhhh, that's way too early! Elaina is a snuffly, snotty mess with her eyes goopy and matted shut. As any good, half-awake mother would do for their love, I went downstairs and gave her some medicine, washed and uncaked her face goo, gave her sippy of juice and even let Keegan out. Thinking I would be able to climb back into my warm bed with Elaina at my side, quietly watching Noggin (which came on at 6 )- I was sadly mistaken. Elaina was so miserable that she had to make it known- for the next 2 hours! She finally relented and calmed herself for a 45 minute long nap. This is the way I would start my day. Oh good.

Fast forward; she watched videos and slept most of the way to my parents house and was an absolute pleasure to be around. Shortly after our arrival, we cleaned up and headed out to dinner. Elaina was plenty entertaining at the dinner table as she picked and poked at all of her food, only half attempting a bite if it resembled dessert. From there, we went to only one store and then to her other grandparents' house. By this time, it was quickly creeping past her bedtime, Elaina's eye goo was back with a vengeance and she was still surprisingly pleasant. Both sets of Elaina's grandparents enjoyed playing tricks on her as the grandma's would tell Elaina to go get "Pop-pop" and let her try and guess which one she was supposed to go to. It really didn't matter which she chose because both were ready for her with big tickly hugs for their little girl. Seriously, how can it get any better than this for Elaina ? 5 out of 6 of her biggest fans, all in one room, showering her with attention and love. This was a much better ending to our long, long day!

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