Monday, January 01, 2007

Room for Improvement

I'd like to know how the whole practice of making new year's resolutions swept our nation ? Do people around the world do this in a similar fashion ? Did our ancestors from 100 years ago buy into this "resolution" mindset ?

Just for the sake of making it known, I have actually made one resolution and followed through all of last year. Last year's resolution was to quit making impractical-waste-of-money purchases. I was tired of going through my house, sifting through junk, wondering how I let myself spend my money on dumb stuff. Before I doled out the cash, I got in the habit of asking myself if it was necessary and/ or worthwhile. When the answer turned out to be "no," I even embarassed myself by putting the item back before I had any regrets. This habit has since become a part of my lifestyle and I'm happy to have less junk and more money to show for it !

January 1, 2007 : Time to put some thought into a new new year's resolution. I credit myself with being a truly practical person and like to enjoy life. I'm a realist and a planner. I don't intend to set myself up for failure or desire the unattainable. Like any other working-class-kinda-gal, I know that I have ample room for improvement. This is why I've decided to start myself on a 12 step program. I resolve to set a goal for myself each and every month for self improvement. This plan is all inclusive : mind, body, soul, relationships and spirit. Umm ... just thinking about this, I could quite possibly set goals each month for the rest of the decade.

At the beginning of each month, I've vowing to set a standard for myself to build upon and improve upon. With each passing month, I'm hoping that I am able to embrace a new standard that becomes part of my lifestyle. By the end of 2007, I hope to possess 12 new qualities about myself that have helped to mold me into a better person.

It's possible that I may share my monthly goal with my readers, but if some months pass by without a report, it's quite possibly because it's rather personal - not that I simply forgot. This month's resolution is to become a better friend. I don't exactly have a whole master list to outline my method just yet. The main objectives are to take better advantage of opportunity and let my friends know that I appreciate them. I plan to be more diligent about keeping in touch and make at least one new friend this month.

I have 30 days to go ... wanna be my friend ?
I appreciate you.

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Heather said...

I'll be your friend! I feel like we already know each other so well through out blogs - it won't be much of a stretch. :-)