Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bath Buddies

Since Elaina has grown to love her bath so much lately, she has accumulated lots and lots of bath toys. As she was finishing her bath tonight, she was helping to put away her toys in her own special way.

Elaina : " Bye-bye Fishy. (kiss noise) By-bye Duckie. (kiss noise) Bye-bye bubbles. (squealy giggle) Bye-bye water. (kicking and splashing water) Bye-bye Mommy. (wet-faced smile - no kiss)

She was so tired tonight that we only got through one and a half books before she hopped off my lap and walked over to her crib. I asked her if she was ready to go night-night, to which she nodded an adamant "yes." I finally got my hug and kiss before she snuggled in her nest of a bed for the evening. 8:00 bedtime - on the dot. Night-night, Elaina !

3 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

I love the ticker... and am totally stealing the idea! You are quickly becoming the expert!

Kelsey said...

So what drug do you slip her when you read? Just kidding. . . we are having massive bed time trauma here and the thought that a child would voluntarily walk to her bed, sounds like heaven to me!

Grandma H. said...

I love the age ticker. But wouldn't like it at my age.