Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get the spackle!

It seems as though sometimes when I'm all caught up in a thought when blogging, I seem to forget some very important parts along the way. I hate it when that happens. So, dig out the spackle, I've got to fill in some cracks!

Over this weekend, so much went on that I did find it difficult to recount all of the events leading up to our special, long awaited day of Lincoln's finalization hearing. Just as important as the paperwork and legal portion that this day entailed, this is also the day that we will celebrate for years to come as "Got Me Day!"

So you see that we had our very first celebration of GMD with grandparents present, yet GMD will continue to be a special family occasion for years to come with just the four of us. GMD is somewhat of a half birthday party celebration of Lincoln's adoption and him legally becoming a part of our family. Everyone gets a birthday, but our kids get a double dose of spoiling on their GMD, just for being OURS!

Another fine thing that I wanted to make mention of in regard to Lincoln's finalization is that during the hearing, the magistrate asked if anyone had anything to say and my mom and father-in-law both took that opportunity to say some very kind and heartfelt words on our behalf. Although we didn't capture the hearing on video, that's just one of those special moments that I want Lincoln to know about when he's older and reading about this. Oh, how that boy is loved!

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Tracy said...

Those kids are very lucky to have you! I LOVE family days like GMD. Everyone has birthdays and holidays, but how lucky your family is to celebrate other special days. Everyone needs special days more often so we will all remember how blessed we really are!