Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still Going Strong... 9 Years Long!

October 24, 1998

It was a huge day. A memorable day. A day upon which our family and friends gathered for a giant party. A day that joined our hearts and our lives together in the bond of marriage.

Yesterday marked Eric and my 9th wedding anniversary. Seriously? Nine years and I'm not even tired of him. Better than that, we've known each other for almost 13 years and I'm still in love with him.

If you've ever read my blog, you obviously have picked up by now that I mostly ramble on and brag about my kids (that's mainly why I'm here). So, yadda, yadda, yadda about my kids... how about my husband?

For my little anniversary commemoration to my husband my mind goes a million directions of what I should write about without trying to recount every detail of the past 9 years. I could write about how I knew I was going to marry him after the very first time we talked. We didn't even go on a single date before I told my college roommate that I didn't even need to date him, I just knew that I was going to marry him.

And then there's plenty of room to write about Eric being my all of my strength as we were forced to deal with infertility, pregnancy loss and ultimately losing our angels to heaven too soon. While Eric isn't particularly emotional and doesn't talk about his feelings all that much, he knew exactly what I needed to get through the most difficult times of our lives. Never, ever did he let me feel like I was alone. We were always in it together through thick and thin.

Oh, I know! I could write about how my seemingly OCD tendencies and temper never seem to rattle my Beloved? Eric is always the calm one while I stress myself over a million and seven minuscule details that seem to turn me into a psycho, crazed, goofball that just can't sit still or remain quiet. Never would I say that I am perfect, nor is my significant other. We just happen to be fortunate enough to balance each other out, making up for what the other lacks. Together, we're like a jigsaw puzzle where we fit each other just perfectly and become complete.

And if only I had time, I would tell you about Eric being the Mr. Handyman, Fix-It Mechanic and the butler of our home. He is just about as anal as me when it comes to cleaning up, putting things away and keeping things in order. Where he exceeds me is that he can change the oil in my truck, paint like a pro, wash dishes and bottles without being asked and he even cooks. Since, I'm not going to write about this topic, I would never have enough time to even mention how he completely gutted and remodeled the majority of our house by himself. See? That would take up a lot of time to try and tell you about all of that.

If I were to write about just the little things that make me happy I married him, I would have to write about how I still think that he is the most handsome man I know. (Since I don't personally know Brad Pitt or George Clooney, and Eric doesn't mind) How much I enjoy his humor, his commitment to being a provider for our family, the amount of respect that he holds for himself and others, his pride and his strength. And on top of that, I would probably have plenty to say about having his arms wrapped around me being still the greatest feeling in the world and how we don't even need to talk sometimes to know how the other is feeling.

And how could I even begin to tell you what an awesome dad Eric is? When he plays with our kids, and tells them that he loves them and exercises every last bit of patience he has with them, how do I keep my heart from bursting out of my chest? Just seeing the pure and genuine smiles on their faces that pour out happiness from each of them is all of the happiness I have ever wanted.

Whoever knew that trying to come up with an anniversary tribute would be so difficult? I guess that when I finally decide what to write about, I'll have to let you know. Until then, I'm going to snuggle down in bed with the man of my dreams and hold onto him tightly. He's too good to ever let go!

Happy Anniversary My Love!

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Happy Anniversary! Have a great day!