Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sometimes I wear myself out by thinking

Please commiserate with me if you would.

Am I the only one that can walk through every single room in her own home and see in an instant at least 10 projects or tasks that desperately need to be completed? All in one room?

Often times I go to bed and my mind begins to race at all of the things that I could be doing while the rest of the world sleeps. I often convince myself that the solution to getting more done and finding more hours in the day is working around the clock. No more sleeping. My predicament is that I really love to sleep and become an absolute crank if I don't get enough shuteye. Foiled.

It makes me sick to think about all of the things that I could be getting done if only I had the time. For instance...

How many times do I have to look at those rotting bananas on my kitchen countertop before I find the time to make banana nut bread?

I wonder if Keegan will keel over dead one day because his water bowl is so dirty. And while I fret on and on about his water bowl, I wonder when I'm going to make the time to clean up the potting soil which spilled from one of my plants as a result of being tipped over. Three weeks ago. Another sight that my neurotic eyes zoom to focus just beyond Keegan's water bowl.

How old do you think my children will be before I finally get some of my snapshots developed in print?

Does anyone exactly remember when I said that I would be mailing kid pics to grandparents and aunts and uncles anyway? Yeah.... um... don't feel so bad if yours haven't quite arrived in the mail yet. Ahem.

I wonder if I remember where I keep my Pledge wipes? Pretty soon, I may have to just use a dustpan and a hand brush to collect all of the dust from my house.

Exhausted yet? No? Oh, do you think I'm talking about where you live too? Thanks for not letting me feel so alone.

So, let me tell you the things that I have recently accomplished.

Both kids' closets have been purged of all-things-summer. And packed away.

I've got my summer capris put into another closet and my winter pants pulled out. (1/3 done: shirts and shoes to follow)

I finally got my Halloween decorations out and my house is looking Spook-tacular! (Yeah right!)

Over the weekend, I spent more than enough time with my old friend "ironing board." I'm breaking off our relationship starting when I hung up my last pressed pair of pants. Unfortunately, I know it's only a matter of time and another load of permanent press cottons until I come crawling back to use him. It's a steamy relationship, what can I say?

And last but not least, I'm trying to stay caught up on my blogging! Hooray!! The bottom line is that my kids absolutely come first and their happiness alone, is enough to keep me going. The bananas may just need to go in the trash this time around.

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Anonymous said...

it is as it should be. the dust can wait, put the bananas in the freezer until you can make the bread and be with the kids and eric. the rest can come later--easy for me to say,isn't it--but i've had to learn the same. we are redoing our kitchen--we are into our 3rd week now but we can only do so much and we know that it will be done by thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

hi it's marianne--i forgot to put my name on the above/below post--sounds like everying thing is a little above a mild me

Logan said...

Hi, it's Logan. I totally understand this now. It's amazing. I try so hard to get everything done even if it's just haphazardly. The one thing I focus on is my time with Kristopher. I've basically told myself, just do the things that have to be done, laundry, dishes or cleaning the cat litter. The rest can wait, ironing, making the bed, or cleaning the shower (it has a self-cleaner). They are only little once, I am trying to enjoy every minute of it. Anyway, I love your site and will definitely be back. I wish I had the time to set one up but it wouldn't be near as nice as your site. Maybe one day . . .

Love, Logan

Logan said...

Oh and by the way, the pictures of Lincoln and Elaina are beautiful. I'm so sorry I didn't say that first. The look so happy which I'm sure they are. : )