Friday, October 05, 2007

in a hush

Day 3: No voice. Whispers only.

This sucks.

Rather than bore you with my misery of having one of life’s great enjoyments such as talking and conversation sucked from my vocal cords, let me tell you about our weekend plans. Also, sharing a fun little Elaina story always perks me up.

Tonight we are headed off to a football game 2 ½ hours from home. Trust me when I tell you that I’m not such a huge fan that I travel far and wide to go to a football game. Especially when I can’t even talk. Eric and I just happen to be huge fans of the football coach for a Division One high school. Our friend Derek coaches in Fremont and we’ll be traveling there to see the game and stay overnight to hang out with him and his family. Unfortunately, this little laryngitis bit has worn out it’s welcome and will make visiting with my friends more of a strained effort in trying to hold a conversation and having fun. Did I mention how badly this sucks? I would consider this family to be our very best non-family friends in the world and I can’t even carry on a conversation with them. Let me say it again since the universe can’t hear me scream that THIS SUCKS!

Sorry. Just a little built animosity toward my low functioning vocal region.

Back to perking me up! I’ve been reading about my little bloglet friends, Harper and Wesley and how involved they get in their pretend world with their stuffed animals and the like. Coincidentally, Elaina has taken to allocating personalities and life into inanimate objects. For instance, she lined up her collection of sippy cups in a row, 3 total (don’t ask why 3 were filled) and began feeding them her cheese.

“Oh Sippy, Oh! You hungry? Okay. I love you guys! Cheese for you. Some for you. Hi Guys!” (Insert vision of child wrapping her arms around 3 sippy cups in a hug.)

Beyond sippy cups, she also came across a new pet in our house. Apparently Keegan is no longer the one and only pet worthy of adoration and attention. Elaina pulled one of my jar candles from an end table and proudly brought it to my attention, proclaiming it to be her “pet.” In fact, she was so proud of her pet that she carried it upstairs and wanted to let it take a bath with her. Since I don’t know where this pet has been and if it’s a boy or girl pet, I passed on inviting “pet” to join in the suds with my kid.

There is something to be said for a child with a good imagination! I just have to remember to use my creativity as my ticket into her imaginary world!

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Tracy said...

That is a big bummer. I hate not being able to vocalize my opinion (or get my kids' attention) I LOVE high school football. Really, any high school sport is pretty exciting to watch. When it is high school, they are playing because they WANT to, not because they are making serious money or scholarships. And when you know the coach, it makes it twice as nice. Hope you had a great time.