Monday, October 08, 2007

My Tribe

If this is an Indian Summer, just call me Chief Wind Be Sparse.

Come. Meet my followers. I give you Little Sparrow Moonsong and Rainbow Babbling Stream.
Seriously, is this the type of weather we should be having in Ohio, in October? Shewee! It's like 87 degrees outside. Hey, this is funny. You;ll never guess who turned off the air conditioning units 4 weeks ago. Oh yeah, turned off, sealed and covered tight for winter.
If you guessed US; you are right!
It seems as though we had a little cold snap about a month ago and Eric and I guessed that cooler temps were going to be making their grand appearance in typical Fall fashion. We've enjoyed leaving the windows open and the just-right-feel of 75 degree days. Who would have ever suspected we would get back to this heat?
It got so warm in our house today that I stripped my sweaty children down to their drawers and let them flounder about on the floor as a fanned them with a book. Elaina thought it was a game and Lincoln thought Mommy was funny how she kept reappearing after that big 'ol thing kept on waving past her face. Who knew I could come up with such great entertainment to enjoy while sitting around sweating?

3 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

You got me all excited... speaking of the TRIBE-- Cleveland is going to the American League Playoffs--Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura it's "Elle",I haven't seen your blog in a while but can i say "WOW" Lincoln's getting sooo big I'm glad to see how well the family is doing.I hope you're feeling better from your illness. i can't wait to see more picture's and read about your adventure's of being a new mother of two.

Kelsey said...

I think you might be okay with no air conditioning now. Only 60 degrees here today!