Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat, Part One

Let me tell you about a friendly, little bartering deal that we worked out with our friends. Friday night, over dinner, our friends were discussing taking their kids trick or treating in their neighborhood by the lake. Seeming as though their were about 10 bodies that were going to be bouncing in out and out of a vehicle along many, many stops, someone had a bright idea to borrow Eric's open-gated trailer. As for the bartering, we loaned them the trailer to use and they invited us along to trick or treat with them. I know, I know, I know... I already feel the same way you do about immigrant trick-or-treaters crashing in on other communities, but just for today, I didn't care. Hmmph!

It was great! Elaina had the best time ever for her very first trick or treat and she wasn't even sick. (No joke, the child has had a cold for both of her previous Halloween's.) Not that I had intended to ever take a 4 month old or even a 16 month old collected obnoxious amounts of candy. But this year, being in her glory of "2" things are different. I'll let you see for yourself what a great day we enjoyed.

Elaina was dressed as a Pegasus. Even though her costume had wings, we ended up referring to her as a unicorn, just because "Pegasus" is a little hard to pronounce for a kid.

I would even have to guess that our little Lincoln had a good time, even if he was feeling a little Froggy!
Even the local EMS got in on the trick or treat action. They drove around checking to see if anyone had accidentally overdosed on candy yet and who was suffering from a belly ache from eating too many treats. Okay, not really, but they were handing out candy to the kids and were enjoying dealing with happy people who weren't really bleeding!
Honestly, I could laugh every time I look at these next pictures. Here is a picture of the Griswald Family from the Nat'l Lampoon's series. If you look closely, they have their luggage and a wrapped up "Aunt Edna" tied to the top, "Wally World or BUST!" written on their windows and they were even dragging a stuffed dog behind them, tied to their bumper!!
And just to prove that you never really know who is going to show up in the neighborhood... I'm guessing that the neighbors may have been complaining of the resident ghosts. So, who 'ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Even funnier, they must have run out of space on the front of their buster mobile (or they're poor spellers) they had written "Ghost Bustes."
Yeah, I think I'm going to find that one funny for a long time!

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Tracy said...

No way! That is too funny. Where do people come up with these ideas and have the resources to pull them off? What a great idea for the wagon! All along I have been pulling the girls in the wagon. That seems much easier! Looks like fun for all! Happy Halloween, I just love this holiday!