Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just like unwrapping presents

And now you know how I feel about checking my blog and reading your comments!

I just wanted to extend an overdue "Thank You" to Marianne for continuing to follow our journey known as parenthood. I just want to tell you how awesome it is that you, like so many others, have been able to witness the miracle of Elaina and Lincoln becoming a part of our family. However, you identify with our lives in such a great capacity that others could never fathom. I respect our bond of motherhood and I'm happy that you're still a part of our lives when we are finally able to share so much happiness. I'm glad you're here!

And how about my cousin, Logan! Hey Girl, You Rock! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope you continue to check back and see all that you have to look forward to in parenting. There's really nothing that can compare to the smiling face and warm cuddles with your child, but I'm sure you already know that. Now if I could only interest you in starting your own blog so you can share your little cutie, Kristopher... think it over. You would never regret it!

Can you help me out here fellow Mommy-Bloggers? What do your blogs mean to you? Also, can you offer my dear Cousin here any encouragement?

Go Logan GO! Go Logan GO! Go Logan GO! Go Logan GO!

3 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Logan... it's Soooo easy! And you have 2 cousins to troubleshoot for you!

It's really fun to stay in touch and to have memories of all the little day-to-day observations that make this whole experiment worth it.

He'll be big before you know it (and we'd all love to get to know him!)

Anonymous said...

Aunt Shirley is a frequent reader of Custom Made Miracles and The Mommy File. I would love to read about another one of my neices life and babies. I rally enjoy the PICS! Love you all, Aunt Shirley

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I would love to start one. I just don't know how to. My e-mail address is if either one of you have any helpful hints or a start up guide. I know Grandma and Grandpa would love it being that may not be able to come to Ohio and Kentucky for a little bit. I'll check back soon for some helpful hints. : )