Friday, October 12, 2007

Miss Quoted

Some random funny quotes from Miss 2- Year-Old:

On receiving some new plastic jewels:
"Mommy, sometimes my bracelets make me happy."

On leaving home on our second cold morning of fall:
"It's cold, Mommy. It's colder than popsicles outside!"

On being served with her 137th egg for dinner in her lifetime:
"These are the very best eggies I ever had."

On being told to come over to Mommy for the 10th time so I could get her clothes changed:
"Mommy, say please."

On echoing Mommy shouting down the hall at Daddy:
" I do it Mommy. 'Air-wic (Eric) don't foget his me-cine!'"

On wanting to go into Daddy's "Man's Room" to roll pool balls across the table:
"Mommy, I wanna play balls. I go in Daddy's room, Mommy?"

(You really have to know that we have a pool table in our house to be able to think that isn't inappropriate.)Oh whatever would we do without her?

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