Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What day is today?

October 3rd?

Sound familiar?



According to my new friend, Katie at The Yap, (which I am calling my friend because I only know her in the blog world and think she's pretty cool, like a friend I'd like to have) it's National Delurking Day!! Hooray for Lurkers!

Today is the day that you're able to come out and post a comment on my blog, letting me know that you're a reader. Even if you've only come across it today. Or yesterday. Or even 4 months ago. It's A-Okay! It's really more of a roll call to see who's here. It's flattering to know that someone more than just the grandparents are reading about lil' ol' me and my fam. (Hi Grandma's and Grandpa's :-)) You can comment too!!

And just to let you know, it's really not that hard, I was the one who outed myself on Katie's blog and the world didn't even come to an end. In fact, she welcomed me. See, you'd probably like to be her friend too, now wouldn't you?

The only embarrassing part is if NOBODY outs themselves. AACCKKK!! Please people, surprise me!! I'd love to welcome you too!

And like my new blog friend Katie, I'm posing a question to everyone out there. Please tell me what your all-time favorite Halloween candy is. And has it changed since you were a kid?

Now...... comment!

**Don't forget to post your name! I need to know my friends' names!

5 Welcome Comments:

Tracy said...

Okay, I am de-lurking. I came across your blog through Katie- The Yap. I read you blog often, but truth be told, I love the bubble popper on the sidebar! That is what happens when your life consists of anything animated and toddler talk all day. The bubbles attract me!

Kelsey said...

Well you already know I'm here. . . but I'll answer your question. My fav Halloween candy of all time is either Snickers or Peanut Butter cups, both of which are now banned substances of death in our house. So my new favorite is Smartees -- those are safe.

Laura said...

Thanks Tracy for stopping by to say hi!

The bubble popping seems to be addictive, mindless and all-consuming to me too! I'm glad I've roped you in also!

And Kelsey- you are so speaking my language when it comes to the chocolates! Yummola! But, you can never go wrong with the super-strength-sugar hype of Smartees! Especially when they are Harper -safe and mother approved. Good one!

Grandma H. said...

Grandma H. here -- just checking in.

Carissa said...

I always read your blog and I love it!