Thursday, October 18, 2007

What makes Me Happy

Just in case you ever wondered what my family does for fun-

It seems as though the goofball to the right of the picture had a little interference in the video due to the fact that she tumbled onto this photographer's head!

And this is what makes this Mommy laugh- Check out the great bear that Lincoln won as a door prize at the Walk-A-Thon! Eric and Elaina won pizza gift certificates and I won free coupons to use at a local deli. Yummola! How lucky we were this day!

Here, Elaina is apparently feeding the bathtub crocodiles cookies and omelets. Usually when bath time is over, she feeds her imaginary birds in the tub, but I'm guessing that the crocodiles must have eaten the birds tonight. Hey! And listen to the crackling, rasp of Mommy-No-Voice. Oh yeah, and that was day 3 that I still sounded that bad! Aack!! Thank GOD I'm all over that!

I was digging through some pictures that I've been meaning to post and here they are! These were all the way back when both of my kids were well and Eric was a happy husband because his wife couldn't talk. Until one day, the quiet wife began to speak again and the children took Mommy's symptoms from her. Oh joy.

Lincoln is still coughing and both kids are just getting over ear infections. Eric took Lincoln to the doctor last Friday and I took Elaina in on Tuesday. Same symptoms for both kids, same meds and same cranky disposition for both. Oh this has been a long week!

Since neither Eric nor I, have a substantial amount of sick leave to use from work (recall: 2 mos. maternity leave) we took morning and afternoon shifts of being at home with the kids and going to work. This worked out pretty well on Monday and Tuesday for all of us. Wednesday we were all back to our jobs, respectfully. How am looking forward to everyone getting healthy and back on track with pleasant moods and no more coughing. Wear. Me. Out. These little crabapples are breaking me down.

3 Welcome Comments:

Kate said...

Talk about STINK-KING cute! How adorable is Linky's laugh? And with the perfect entertainment, I'm sure it isn't a rare occurance!! Gotta go feed breakfast to the bee...

Anonymous said...

My grandkids can always put a smile on my face too! Love the videos!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures of Halloween, they are so cute. You all had a great time.
I though the tribute to Eric was very nice. You do great Laura GG