Friday, August 25, 2006

Precious Moments

Last night ended somewhat hurriedly as Mike, the concrete man was finishing our patio and Elaina and I had returned from a walk. After giving Elaina a quick bath and a mini-baby-massage, she was down for the count. Then I was back to discuss the final care of our patio with Mike, until he would return the following day.

As I was wrapping up my evening all by myself, I hadn't felt that I had suffient-baby-hugging-time with my favorite girl. I peeked in on Elaina sleeping in her crib just like an angel and just had to peel her out to get my fill of cuddles and kisses for the day.

I've always thought that adoption was an amazing to thing to unite a family in love. I guess that it's true that you don't know the power of that love until it happens in your life. I can't say that my love for Ella or Ava was any stronger than my love for our adopted angel. Each of them are a part of my heart. As I rocked Elaina in my arms, I began to play the "who-does-she-look-like-most-game." She looks like Eric and she has my characteristics. When we first became her parents, I wondered if there would be a day that I look at her and see her bio-mom. I am here to tell you that there is barely a resemblance. Elaina is and always has been custom made for us.

It's amazing how fast time flies, yet I can honestly say that not a single minute has gone by that I am not eternally thankful for our beautiful, healthy daughter. There hasn't yet been a time that I watch her and haven't been amazed by her. I still well up with tears of gratitude and awe when I think that this is the exact baby that God had made for us. It wasn't by luck or coincidence - it was a miracle. What an incredible gift to wrap my arms around every single day !

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