Saturday, November 11, 2006

Accomplished !

After months of procrastinating and putting aside, I have finally made to time to work on to completion a new letter to send to attorney's offices for birthmom's to learn about us. All in hope of being selected to be adoptive parents once again.

I think the reason that I have put this off for so long, is not because we haven't been ready or that we think it will be as easy as last time, but because it's still a rather touchy subject to put onto paper. How do you begin to pour your heart and soul into mere words that will cross the desk of an attorney to be able to speak volumes to a stranger looking for a family to raise her child ? The last letter I wrote was shortly after Ava had passed and it was a time of much desperation. The thought of becoming parents again was just a glimmer of hope. To put it simply - it was all God. Neither Eric or myself can take any credit for that miracle which was to become Elaina.

So, now it's done. A new letter that I plan to send to attorney's who handle private adoptions. This letter is for birthmoms to read and learn about our family and our need to adopt in hopes of being chosen. I know this can likely be a lengthy process, but God only helps those who help themselves. This was the spark beneath me to push me forward. I'm doing my part and then we wait.

Speaking of doing our part, that leads me to my readers. I can't come close to identifying all who read, and that's really okay, but this is a message to everyone who reads, even if you're what's known in the "blog-world" as a "lurker." We're ready for a baby. So, there you have it - I've said it to the world ! We want a baby and if you know of anyone who is considering placing their baby with adoptive parents, we're the ones to tell !

This is the point where you get to do your part. Start asking around. I believe that if there are even 10 people who read this blog and those ten people know 10 people and those 10 know 10 more... you get my drift. Somewhere, somehow, there is possibly a young (or older) mother who finds herself not wanting to raise her unborn baby. So then the information can loop back to us ! Now that sounds easy ! Do I really expect for it to happen that easily ? Not really, but you can't blame me for asking. I do believe that our desire will reach the right woman's ears and touch her heart and our prayers of another child will be fulfilled. That - I do believe.

The only way I was able to complete my letter today was due to my lovely husband taking Elaina to a friend's house to watch the game. Originally, we had both planned on accepting their annual invitation, but I have been plagued with a sore throat and cold symptoms since yesterday and really just needed some time apart from the world. Eric and Elaina enjoyed 5 hours of together time and I enjoyed my lockdown, chained to the computer desk and quiet time to really put forth the effort into a quality letter. I sipped on hot tea and lots of water and actually began to feel better throughout the course of the evening. I even had time to spare for some house cleaning.

When my favorite pair arrived home, Eric was happy to report that they had a nice time and Elaina was on good behavior the whole evening. She stayed only an arm length away from him most of the day, but was able to play with the other kids as long as they were in the same room as Dadda.

The day had a happy ending for all of us and I feel good about the work I completed. After everything was said and done, I was able to cuddle my sweet girl in my arms for bedtime hugs and kisses. I can't think of a better way to end my day. (Except for 2 kids to hug and kiss ! Now everyone get to work !)

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Kelsey said...


I don't know whether you will make any adoption connections through your blog, but I do believe there is power in publicly communicating your intent to the universe! I will keep an open ear and, if it's okay with you, we will pray that another blessed child finds her (or his) way into your loving family.