Friday, November 17, 2006


Thank God It's Friday !!

Tonight, we went out to dinner and Elaina was super-well behaved although she was super-tired after playing with her girlfriends all day. The girls I am referring to are Christine and Madison who are at the babysitter's house 2-3 times a week. They are both 4 and they love Elaina. They play "house" and Elaina gets to be the "little sister." Not the baby - but the little sister. Okay, I think that is way cute ! I'm not so sure that Elaina knows that she's a token character in their charade, however, they pay attention to her and treat her well. When Elaina arrives in the morning, they drop what they're doing and rush to greet her, yelling "Elaina's here !" My 16 month-old has her own fan club !

Good thing it's Friday ! I'm pretty sure that every work day this week lasted too long. I'm thinking that somehow, we had at least 12 hours of work and problems shoved into our 8 hour workday every single day this week !

It's that time of year again ... hunting season. Eric has got his bags packed, his hunting gear gathered, his 4-wheeler on it's trailer, all ready to leave for West Virginia at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Part of our marriage vows included something to the effect of , "For better or for worse, In sickness and in health, with the exception of hunting season." We've only spent one Thanksgiving Day holiday together in the nearly 11 years that we have known one another. That was part of the package when I married him. "A husband to have and to hold - 355 days a year." That would account for 2 weeks of gun season, West Virginia and Ohio, back-to-back.

Funny ! That would be our little goofyball, Elaina ! Tonight, as she was taking her own special inventory of her books, she came across her ABC book. She has begun to recognize her books by some key words or phrases in the story, rather than their exact titles. Knowing that was her ABC book, she held it up proudly and shouted, "A-Beees !" noting a strong accent on the "beees" part and a high pitched tone for her "s'' sound. In her mind, A-Beees sounds similar to ABC. Okay ... I get that ! She was plenty entertaining until she found a comfy place on Dadda's lap to cuddle down and go to sleep. What a week !

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Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,Have you ever wondered that in all these years, your mother has never said one bad thing about Eric hunting on Thanksgiving? That is because when he is hunting we get to have you home for the holiday. (We would love to have Eric too but I'll take what I can get.) As I see it, it's a win/win situation.
Your Mother