Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mommy Meanest

Today marks Day One of Eric being away from home on his annual hunting trip. Today also marks Battle Number One between Elaina and myself over her binky addiction. I'm just going to put an earmark label on it because I believe there are plenty of battles that will be waged in the months ahead.
So, let's just start at the beginning of our day, which I foolishly thought would continue to be peaceful. Eric was out of the house by 7:00 am and tried to soak in as many hugs and kisses from the both of us to last him a good couple of days. Following his departure, Elaina and I stayed cuddled in bed through a couple episodes on Noggin. Getting our fill of "lazy" for the day, we headed down for breakfast and Elaina refused to eat without her binky. I believe Eric just fought this battle with her the previous two mornings. Mommy wasn't about to give in and hand the binky over while she was eating. The tears ensued and breakfast was over. Without much of an option, I handed over her binky and proceeded to clean up the kitchen while she sat hungry in her seat. Before I had finished, she had fallen asleep in her highchair. Oooh boy, that lesson went over like a lead balloon.
Obviously, her 20 minute fit wore her out so I let her carry on with her early morning nap. (Mind you, we had just gotten out of bed 40 minutes earlier. Whatever. ) This gave me time to get a shower while she slept the grumpies out of her system. We both finished in time for our town's first annual Christmas parade. Oh yeah ... I said Christmas ! Great idea - get it out of the way before Thanksgiving, especially since Santa didn't have anything better to do. We bundled up and joined a few neighbors on the street, collecting our share of candy and catching up with each other's lives. Elaina was completely fascinated with the colorful floats and music of the high school band. Most impressive were the beautiful horses that strutted only a few feet from where we stood. Her eyes lit up and she looked to be in a state of disbelief that these massive creatures were right in front of her. For a little town parade in the middle of November, it went over well and even brought Ronald McDonald and Santa Claus into town. What a great team !
Back in the warmth of our home, we played for a little while until I fed her lunch. Correction : tried to feed her lunch. A reenactment of the whole binky scenario played out once again. Come on ! She is getting worse, not better. I tried everything to get her focus off of her binky and she did eat a minimal amount of food just to get me off her back I'm guessing.
Next, it was time for a bath. Our house felt a little cool today and Elaina had some remnants of some sticky-something in her hair from the day before. Also, I thought that this would be a good diversion to take her mind off of her binky and play in the tub. Before I carried my half naked child into the bathroom, I took her binky from her and placed it on her dresser, letting her know she could have it when we finished. Again, the tears were immediate and continued throughout the whole bath. Okay, let me make that just a little more clear; the tears and sobbing and yelling and climbing and pure disgust for Mommy Meanest carried on throughout her entire bath. That was her bath.
So, what's a mom to do in this situation ? I gave her a bath while she was standing up. Generally, I am most careful to rinse her hair, avoiding the water and soap running in her face - not this time. I really didn't have time to be so delicate and so... I doused her. Sounds mean, right ? She stopped yelling. At this point, I really wonder what in the world made her stop. Maybe she realized that she wasn't getting anywhere with her tears and forced crying and probably couldn't believe that this was the same tender mommy who would let this happen to her. My sympathy over her "needing" her binky 24/7 is zilch. Nada. Nothing.
I have to admit that I hate dealing with this situation as a whole. Yet, at the same time, cannot let her binky-dependency take over her little life. What I hate the most is that this was pretty much the theme of our entire morning. She finally conceeded to a nap and became more pleasant as a result. And for the record, she now says "binky" rather than "bingy." I guess she caught onto the word after I repeatedly told her "No Binky" all day long. Today was somewhat stressful and just a frightening glimpse of what our lives will be like when the child is made to go binky-free forever and ever. Anyone want to come and babysit for that month ?

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Anonymous said...

Dear L. Since you were the non-binky baby I can only tell you about my experience with my baby who did love a binky - Greg. I was very fortunate that he chose to love only one specific binky.(Elaina has too many - she always has one close by to put in her mouth as soon as she thinks about it.Let her wait to find one.) Don't fight the binky so hard. A binky is a good "comfort" for slow times. When things are busy and there is talking to be done, the binky can drop out of her mouth and she will just have to find it herself if she wants to have it again. Let her have it to fall asleep but get it out of her mouth as soon as she is asleep. Wean her from the binky -- don't go to war over it. Good Luck.