Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's really still me ...

So, what do you think about the new template ? I've published over 215 short stories about our lives with Little Precious and thought maybe it's just about time to take on a new look. We'll see. The pink template was sweet, but I think that reading through polka dots is much more fun ! Feel free to leave your input. It's pretty easy to make adjustments and I want to keep Elaina's fans tuned in, rather than tuned out over a dotted, black background.

Just a short Elaina update for tonight. She is feeling 100% better since the beginning of the week and happily takes her prescribed antibiotic with gusto. In fact, we have been so reliant on pain relievers, fever reducers and cough suppressants over the past 2 weeks that Elaina went to her nightstand the other day and reached her little hand up and said, "mecine." I'm guessing she didn't feel well or she just really likes to suck the dropper filled with overly sweet, hyped up, cherry flavored goo. "Mecine" time is easy at our house to say the least.

Monday night, however, there wasn't enough medicine in our house to relieve Elaina's pain and discomfort. She is hardly a cry-baby, yet, her earache / teething pain caused our angelic, little, Sweetness to cry for nearly 2 1/2 hours at bedtime. She woke 3 times in the middle of the night, but was able to handle 2/3 of the wake-ups on her own. Eric and I took shifts with our miserable, crying, overly-tired child before she finally gave in to sleep close to 11:30. I held her close and massaged and stroked her little leg over her warm, fleecy jammies and calmed her enough to sleep. This was my mom's magic trick she used on me when I was little. Oh, who am I kidding, I still melt when someone rubs my back or any gentle, soothing stroke for comfort. My mom couldn't keep her hands off of my brother and myself. Always, rubbing our hair, our back, our hands, our arms, etc.... (Okay, so I could really use a neck massage about now. Mom ? Eric ?) I remember how soothing it was and how I would wake up the minute she stopped and demand more. So, she's passed the torch - or the tired hands in our case- and Elaina is soaking up every bit of her little back rubs and sweet caresses. I guess that when you're so much in love with your child it's easy to give them every ounce of comfort you can muster. Tired hands and tired Mommies easily fall second on the list.

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Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness, I thought I'd accidentally clicked on my blog!:-) The photos look nice against a dark back drop. Whatever the background, I'll keep reading.

-Kelsey (Harper's mom)