Sunday, November 12, 2006

Buried Treasure !!

Just In : Take advantage of this exclusive offer for busy moms everywhere !! Hurry ! This is a limited time offer, so act fast ! Christmas is just around the corner !

Every kid should have, must have and absolutely needs this fantastic, fun filled, time consuming activity for their child ! Yes, folks, it offers your child their own freedom to create, practice their manual dexterity, and problem solve. This exclusive one piece portable device travels everywhere and doesn't even make a sound ! All of this for one incredible price ! What if I were to tell you that it was under $20 ? Unheard of !
A bargain price at that for a super fascinating toy for your child which will hold their undivided attention for nearly an hour ! Can you really put a price on that ? What ? Under $10 ? Tell me more !!

Let's just review : a toy which offers your child endless hours of sheer, independent creativity, enhances their manual dexterity skills, requires no batteries and is portable ? Is sounds too good to be true ! Under $5 ?

Whoa ... For my loyal readers, I am going to share this exclusive device, or as I like to call it " successful- shopping -trips -made -easy" for a limited time only ! Are you ready ?

It's a mini Magna- Doodle !

Really - this thing is great ! If you're anything like me, I try to be as prepared as possible when I take Elaina anywhere. Today's agenda included shoe shopping, the pet store for dog food and grocery shopping. In that order. Elaina did reasonably well in the shoe store as she sat in her stroller and munched on Goldfish crackers and she loved going to PetSmart to check out the birds, fish and the visiting dog taking a leak on the store shelf while his owner was looking the other direction. Great way to spend an afternoon ! Our last trip was a major undertaking as we have very little edible food remaining in the house.

As we entered the grocery store, Elaina made it clear that sitting in a shopping cart seat was against her wishes. Unfortunately, this mom had an agenda and wasn't about to let her family starve because of a one year-old tushie not wanting to sit in the cart. So, she dried up her pointless waterworks and we got down to business. I offered her the remaining "fshes" from her bowl and she sat wondering what mom going to do next to appease her since it was clear that her bottom wasn't about to leave the cart. Voila ! I pulled out the amazing Magna-Doodle ! She entertained herself for the remainder of our trip and we were in and out of the store in a flash ! Aah ... the amazing, incredible, Magna-Doodle.

Lately, Elaina has taken a great interest in drawing and coloring and is most content to be holding a big, giant, bold marker in one hand (she gets a crayon) and a stack of paper in the other hand. She will plop herself anywhere she finds inspiration for her next masterpiece. Sometimes it's in the back foyer in the dark, sometimes it's sitting atop her slide. She's even found "inspiration" sitting alongside Mommy in the ladies room ! That one was simply pee-lightful !

In conclusion, the Magna-Doodle is a blessed thing. Also, gift-giving hints for Christmastime (family) is that a big Magna-Doodle is surely better than a little one and "art" seems to be sparking her interests at this point also. Hopefully this was helpful for everyone !

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