Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just Keep Me Happy !

The first step in any treatment program is to admit that you have a problem.

Hello, my name is Elaina and I have a problem.

I am addicted to "Noggie" on the computer. Even though Mommy has to wrangle me down from the computer screen, I still like to climb up to point to my favorite characters that I am watching. I like Noggie as much as my mommy likes to blog and shop on ebay !

I am hopelessly and desperately addicted to my binky. I really prefer to have one binky in my mouth and one in each hand at all times. This helps to soothe me and gives me something to keep my little hands busy as I squeeze and pull at the ends. I already to know that my binky will serve me well throughout high school and even help me through some hard times as I work on my thesis in college. I won't be a nervous bride as I walk down the aisle, because I'll have my 3 binkies right along with me ! I love my binky and need my binky !

Tonight at dinner, I was so tired yet tried my best to eat a good dinner to keep the folks happy. Afterward, I thought I was making my repeated request for my "bingy" very clear - just like Mom wants me to do. I guess they were too busy laughing at me to notice that I seriously wanted my bingy. What the heck ?

Since I made a substancial mess on myself eating my "assauce" with my hands, mom wanted to give me a bath. ( By the way, the folks laugh when I say "assauce" too. They are the ones who say it funny : aPPLesauce. Go figure.) Thinking I would be even more helpful, I carried my own beanbag chair into the bathroom so that mommy could kick back and let me do my bath my own way for once. I climbed onto my stool to try brush my pearly whites and then thought I would take my brush into my room to use it to do some random cleaning. Mommy didn't love this idea and ushered me back into the bathroom.

So, she won and got her own way as usual. I did a pretty good job of hiding the fact that I secretly love taking baths without my bathseat for a pretty long time. It was a fun trick to play on mom when she discovered I really didn't even need it afterall.

Sometimes, mommy presses her luck and thinks that I am going to sit still while she wipes soap bubbles all over my face. What is she thinking ? As if that isn't enough, she wipes the same bubble goo all over my head and tries to press it into my brain ! Even crying isn't enough to stop Mommy's evil scheme of getting me clean.

Just hand over the binky and no one will get hurt !
I've had a long enough day trying to keep my folks in line - I'm going to bed ! Could someone get me my bingys ?

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Kelsey said...

That last picture is hilarious!!! Harper is a little catching up to do in the hair department. Sadly she takes after her mother that way.

For a month or so I have been telling Harper that when she turns two we have to put all her pacis (binkies) away to give to a baby because big girls don't need them. She has been very agreeable to this idea. We only use them at bedtime, but the doctor told me to stop that a year ago. . . so now we're going to try to go cold turkey. We'll see what she thinks tomorrow when it actually happens.

Hang in there with the manners training, we've done the same and Harper is pretty good by now. She said no thank you yesterday when I told her it was nap time!