Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Silly Little Self

The older I've gotten, the more I have learned that it's the silly little things in life that keep us going. That's another great reason for this blog. I tend not to have earth-shattering information to share each and every day. Most times, I find myself reporting a daily roster of how our day unfolds that is really only significant to me. Yet, at the same time, the "little things" really do mean so much. I can reread several older posts and they take me back as if the event just happened yesterday. That's the beauty and the purpose behind my daily roster. It's like Elaina was just little yesterday. Being able to hold onto each sweet memory as we make them together while she grows into an incredible little girl.

So, about those "little things." Here are some short samples of Elaina in all silliness that I live for each day;

* Tonight, she thought herself to be especially clever when she had the bright idea to dip her binky, rather than her spoon into her "assauce" at dinnertime. I think that she was more impressed that mommy and daddy let her get away with that little feat. Alas, we're putting the binky wars behind us if that what it takes to make a little girl happy. A bit more messy I should say, but entertained and eating up. Go for it !

** Elaina has been running into the bathroom lately for the sole purpose of brushing her teeth. Whoa ! I'm thrilled with her enthusiasm over basic hygiene. Not only does she like to brush her teeth, she grabs the handle of my toothbrush and helps me brush too. She stares intently into my frothy mouth, with her hand over mine and says, "brush." Keep up the good work, Baby ! The dentist will love you !

*** Eric has taught Elaina to spin as he sings "Ring Around the Rosey" to her. Sometimes, she'll just begin to spin while looking at you, waiting for her tune to begin. She doesn't quite fall down at the end of the song yet, but rather, spins and falls when she has had her fill of dizzy. And then - right back up ! She has also added her own unique spin to the alphabet song as she feels that this makes a great spinning song as well.

**** I was totally impressed the other morning when Elaina randomly ran to the bathroom and began to "feel out" the counter for her missing object. I discovered that she had been searching for the crayon and post-it pad of paper that I had taken from her hand before her bath the night before. I had thought I had done this rather swiftly as I redirected her attention on her bath bubbles and there was no fuss or fit from my budding artist - she barely seemed to notice. However, she remembered. I was a little suprised to say the least.

***** Just some bonus material - hand washing now agrees with her and willingly. She constantly says new words; things she only hears once, she will attempt to say. She's been showing great appreciation for music and songs as she'll kick out a foot randomly, make a stomp motion (which is amusing for a little size 4 foot) and clap her hands. She still loves the game of peek-a-boo and loves to see where mommy will pop up with a "boo" when she reveals herself. Books are still her true love, with paper and crayons running a close second.

I continue to be amazed by what goes through this little girl's mind and that she is constantly learning. Each day, her personality and humor becomes more evident. She thrills me to no end and just when I think I couldn't love her any more than I already do - she gives me a little bonus of silly or sweet that just sends me over the top !

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