Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Family Style

So, this is the way my family celebrates the holidays; not particular on which day we celebrate, little rest, much fun and lots of food !

This is the day that everyone was able to join together to celebrate our Thanksgiving dinner. Greg, Kate and Colin arrived at the house before my mom, Elaina and myself returned home from some stores and were ready to party with Elaina. It was especially unfortunate that Elaina had only allowed herself about a 30 minute nap all day and refused to eat anything at lunch time. She has run a fever most of the day and her nose is still an active goo- filled volcano, erupting with every sneeze. I started her on regular doses of Tylenol and infant's Triamenic strips today to deal with her congestion. Within an hour, her symptoms seemed to have subsided.

We sat down for our thanksgiving feast around 3:30 and Elaina refused to eat anything. Not that this was particularly unusual, but the fact that she immediately began to throw and spit her food was unusual and didn't go over well with this mom. While trying to clean her up enough to remove her from her highchair, she tried to maneuver my hand into her mouth to bite me. Big mistake, my Love. My sympathy to her in not feeling well, however, the whole idea of thinking she could bite me, wasn't happening no matter how bad she felt. After a painful discipline for the both of us, I put her down in her bed to sleep away her hostility and get some much needed rest. After dinner, I realized that she hadn't yet got any more sleep and lay down with her for a serious nap. A little over an hour later, she was refreshed, recharged and far more pleasant to be around.

The remainder of our evening is better able told through pictures. Here is the rest of the story :

The kids started out their time together with a rousing game of shut-out-Auntie.

The less familiar version of the game "telephone."
Learned that Elaina isn't so much into sharing crayons just yet. Colin, however, sacrificed his crayons to Elaina to get the big 'ol baby to stop crying. Thank you, Colin !

Story time with Pop-Pop.

(**** Note the characters' postions on the TV screen and Colin and Elaina. Nice shot, Kate !)
Decorating your cousin with stickers is a lot of fun. As a result, our children look like diseased manifestations of their former selves.

Thanks for the sticker book, Grandma !

Is this day almost over ?

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