Monday, November 27, 2006

Lucky For Us All

Can I just mention one more time what a great babysitter we have for Elaina ? We love Nancy !

This morning, Eric was already in the woods at 5:00 a.m. for the opening day of gun season in Ohio. (Oh yeah ... this is a big day for my hunter !) I wasn't entirely sure about taking Elaina to Nancy's house while she wasn't feeling so well, but didn't really have a choice not to go into to work after a 4 day weekend. By the time I finally reached Eric on his cell phone, I was already at Nancy's house and learned that Elaina was the only one there. Since all of the other kids' moms are teachers, they had the day off for vacation and kept their kids at home. Nancy was more than willing to care for Elaina despite her bouts with the crankies and the need for a box of kleenex with every sneeze.

To Elaina, thanks for not cutting into the opening day of gun season ! Love, Dadda

To Nancy, thanks for loving Elaina so much and treating her so well ! Love, Elaina's mommy

To Elaina, hope you feel better soon so we can have fun ! Love, Mommy

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