Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Feeling Good

And it's about time !

This is the first morning that Elaina has woke up without a fever in a while. I think that anytime your child has a fever it's too long. This morning she seemed alert, happy and ready to start her day. I took her to the babysitter's house with the disclaimer that she had no meds this morning, so with any symptoms, feel free to dose. At the end of the day, Nancy reported that Elaina had a great, medicine-free day. Yeah !

As my readers can tell, I've been a little behind on the blogging lately. However, for the sake of posterity, I've tried to pretend that I am perfectly up-to-date ! Play along, would you ?

I did forget to report one thing that happened on Sunday evening. A scary thing that I really can't believe that I failed to mention. Sunday night, Elaina was still at her peek of feeling bad and I had been keeping her well dosed with her meds. I did realize that she was going to be due for her next dose around 10:00 p.m. though. Obviously, she had been sleeping for a couple hours by then and I feared that I would wake her, reminding her how miserable she felt if I tried to give her medicine. Her forehead felt fine about 11:00 and I foolishly believed that the worst was finally behind her and didn't want to dose her unnecessarily. About 12:30, she was screaming and crying a different story. She had a fever of 104.6 !!! That's too high for me to feel the least bit comforatable with the situation. Immediately, I loaded her with Tylenol and cool water and juice from her sippy and rocked her patiently as I waited. She was like a little hot potato.

I was crushed as I felt responsible for letting this happen if I would have just woke her when I should have. I was only minutes from either (1) calling the doctor (2) tossing her sleepy, miserable behind in the bathtub and really tick her off or (3) stripping her clothes off and sponge bathing her. ( just as maddening to a child )

When I finally allowed for my sensible-self to begin doing some thinking, I decided to wait it out and let the meds do their stuff. Nearly 30 minutes and 10 miles on the rocking chair later, her temperature had dropped to 103. Still not loving the triple digits, but especially pleased that it was lower.

Needless to say, this has been quite a week for all of us ! That could have had something to do with my behind-the-times-blogging method. Since Sunday night, I have learned how to give medicine to Elaina without arousing her from her sleep. Something I will much more diligent about.

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