Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Little Bit Busy

Here I am. It's after midnight. I'm finally making time for a quick entry before I finish my to-do list for the day. You may find yourself asking, "why doesn't she have it all together yet ? It is midnight !" I've been getting things packed and organized to leave home tomorrow for our long weekend ahead.

Welllll .... I haven't stopped since 6:30 this morning !! And it's just funny how the longer your day gets, the more "stuff" you can cram in. Oh wait ... make time for a quick heart -attack ! Elaina must have set her alarm clock to go off again at midnight !! Big house, all alone, peace and quiet and then BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP !!
Aack ! I hate it when she does that !

Where was I? Oh yeah ... my evening. Elaina played hard at the babysitter's house again today and came home tired again. Good dinner, playtime, bath and book ! I actually did pull out my camera to capture how animated she became right before bedtime. Apparently, she made time to squeeze in a quick story all by herself.

After I put Elaina down for the night, my real work began. Tomorrow, we are headed out of town to stay with my parents until Sunday. With a three hour drive ahead of us, I want to get on the road just before Elaina's nap and try to have everything prepared to roll out on a moment's notice. All I have left to do is pack her clothes, without her help, and begin loading some random things into the truck. It's to my advantage to do as much as I can tonight rather than deal with Little-Busy- Body- Helper and a neurotic dog who wants to constantly be underfoot when he senses there is a trip to go on. He gets incredibly anxious as the bags begin to leave the house and pile into the truck. Maybe I'll throw him off since he's least expecting a trip in the middle of the night. Surprise !

Now, I'm off to finish my list and catch some zzzz's ... maybe Elaina could drive us to grandma and grandpa's house tomorrow .. I mean today !

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