Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sad times 3

Elaina is sad. Mommy is sad. Daddy is sad.

Elaina is sad because she is still sick. In fact she is up in her bed with a raging fever that has persisted most of the evening. Her highest recorded temperature has been 102 and that's when her mom finally was able to get a reading.

Mommy is sad because my baby girl is sick and has a raging fever. My heart hurts when Elaina isn't well. I feel even worse because I took her out shopping most of the afternoon without any indication that she was running a fever. In our last store, she felt considerably warm, but I wasn't sure how well I was able to judge her temperature because I have been cold all day. My hands, my lips, my face ; all useful fever-feeling-techniques. If only my kisses could make her better !

Another complaint from this sad mom is the Tylenol dosage for a one year old. I've been giving her Children's Tylenol Multi -Symptom. I've heard from every other mom of a 1 year old that she's moved on from Infant's Tylenol to Children's. And even after consulting with the nurse from the doctor's office, the dosage information is still about as clear as mud.
Any recommendations of how much to dose a 22 pound child ?

I hate to feel that I'm not giving her enough and risking a spike in her fever and I would die if I gave her too much ! Where is her middle ?

Daddy is sad because he left early yesterday morning for a gun show in Maryland and can't do anything to make his girl better either. Elaina has talked to him on the phone several times which still doesn't make it any easier. Each time we go upstairs or downstairs or inside or outside, Elaina says "Dadda" very firmly, like he's just in that next place, hiding, waiting for her to find him.

Sorry to share the mopey-mom-blog tonight. I know that every mom knows just how I feel. I'll be getting back to hugging on my hot baby now.

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Kate said...

Hang in there! Never seems like medicine does much for sick kids. We still give Colin infant Tylenol since it is more concentrated and he hates medicine. We've been giving him 1.2 since he was 20 pounds (that's one and a half droppers if you use the little lines). We had to use Children's Tylenol for him when he was about 9 months old because we forgot the infant stuff at home. Same stuff for the most part, just not concentrated.

Also, when Colin's been sick we've been known to bounce from tylenol to advil (advil lasts longer and you can overlap with tylenol so they don't feel so ill).

Good luck and we'll say prayers for our sick little niece.

--Sad Aunt Kate