Sunday, November 26, 2006

Home to Dadda !

After a long and wonderful weekend of visiting with my parents, Elaina and I packed up our bags and got back on the road, heading for home. It's been a full 8 days that Elaina has gone without seeing her Dadda. Trust me when I tell you that it wasn't easy for her to be away from him so long. Lucky for my dad, "Pop-Pop," rather, that Elaina gravitated to him immediately and his warm hugs in lieu of her regular daddy hugs.

Still suffering from her misery, I loaded Elaina with her meds and we set off for our 3 hour drive back home. Eric had arrived home from West Virginia Friday night and had spent the past 2 days doing projects outside. I have to mention that Ohio has had a rare, but welcome, heat wave. For this time of year, we can typically expect temps to hover between 20-40 degrees. Happily, we were able to enjoy a comfortable 60 degrees over the past 2 days. Eric was able to get loads of projects done in this great weather without interference.

Elaina and I got home around 5:00 to find Dadda sitting in the living room. Her face lit up when she saw him, but surprisingly, wasn't over anxious to run to him. We were both shocked at her hesitation after she had talked about him all week long. Eric scooped her in his arms and she rested happily on his chest for a melty-hug. It's nice for the 3 of us to be home and together again !

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