Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Manners Matter ...

... Even when you're one !

Lately, we've been trying our best to teach Elaina some manners. The best way, of course, is by setting a good example for her to follow. Also, we try to correct her behavior on the spot and, likewise, offer much praise when we catch her doing something good. We seem to have struck an even code of conduct so far. (Elaina - please don't make me eat my words ! )

It seems like months now that she has been saying thank you, which comes out more like "thnkyu," but we get the message. We get a thnkyu when we take her unwanted food off her tray, when we offer snacks, toys or books and even when we pull her hidden binky off the counter at her request. So, it looks like she has grasped the context of the word and it has become natural for her to say. Now, we've moved on to "please." In the past two days, she's almost there when she gets out a "plz." Close enough for now.

We've been pretty diligent on the "please" when she wants something rather than allowing her to make her unknown demand with an "uh,uh,uh" and little pointed finger. I just can't accept the "uh,uh,uh" for any amount of time, so we've introduced her to "please." I think she's catching on that she's getting her request for the item that hasn't yet made it onto her list of words.

Tonight, she blew me away - again ! We were reading our standard 7-books-before-bed and usually, while I'm reading, I'll point and direct her finger to the items named in the story. We hadn't followed our routine tonight because she seemed so incredibly tired that I just wanted to appease her and get her to bed. Once we had read about 4 books, she pulled one from the stack for a re-run. Rather than reading the book again, I just asked her to point to different objects on each page. She nailed everyone of them ! She pointed out a little girl, little boy, dog, ball, shoe, sock, stars, sunshine, bed, and a babydoll all in one book ! Not that I shouldn't expect her to know these objects, but she did it with such ease and attention ! Okay - I was proud of her !!! Way to go Elaina !!

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Anonymous said...

Laurie, I have been telling people you are ready to adopt again and since I work in a culturally diverse population, the question of newborns "of color" came up. Please let me know soon. Aunt Shirley