Friday, November 24, 2006

More to life than shopping

And yes, after a fun filled morning of shopping, my day has only just begun. Elaina had loads 'o' fun playing chase, pick up and nose catching all morning with grandma and grandpa. We had lunch together and snuggled down for a 2 hour nap. Oh yeah, can my day really get any better ? Shopping. Food. Snuggle-nap with my baby melted against me. Love it !

Now, about the nose-catching that grandma and grandpa had to deal with today. Let's count this as Round 3 in her nasty battle against her enamaled enemies - her teeth. The two teeth on either side of her bottom 4 have taken their own sweet time on making their grand appearance. In the meantime, they have been the root of much pain and discomfort for her. Elaina has been cranky, overly- tired and a slim-pickin's eater for the past month. She got a short reprieve, just to get back to the same old pain. This round includes, but is not limited to, the sneezy-volcano-nose and high fevers which accompany her misery.

We did manage to squeeze plenty of fun into the day and not allow her teething issues to bring us down. After dinnertime, we set out to deliver cousin Evan's birthday gift to him. The birthday boy would be turning 4 the next day, so we arrived early to play his new game of Elefun with him. Elefun consists of an elephant head base with a blowing fan that sends little "butterfly" spinners into the air via the 3 foot long trunk. The players are armed with butterfly nets to collect the airborne prizes before they fall to the ground. Evan was amused and wanted to play over and over. Elaina enjoyed the entertainment of mommy and Aunt Cindy filling the elephant's head over and over and over. She did manage to collected her butterflies in her net with a little help from mom and cheated by pulling some from the floor. (Don't tell Evan !)

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Kate said...

I'm sure Aunt Cindy is thanking you for this one... sounds like the toy from hell.

Just remember that Cindy could always get Elaina something extra special for Christmas!