Thursday, November 30, 2006

Elaina's New Friend

Elaina's new friend, Cole, is now 5 weeks old already and we finally made it over to meet him !! He is only 11 months shy of his first birthday so I figured that we better get ourselve in gear to pay him a visit !

I had planned on giving my friends, Scott and Jessica (Cole's parents) a week to recover,adjust and allow time with their families. I had thought by the second or third week, we'd get over to visit. NOPE. At that point, Elaina was going through a stage where she was plenty tired by 6:00 and I wasn't about to dare to leave the house with her. Following that, was her first bout with this same set of teeth, busting their way into her gums. Another sneeze and snot fest for her.

So, finally ... the day has come that Elaina gets to meet her new friend. She often says "ba-bee" as she happily points to pictures of babies in her books or on TV. I had told her that today, we were going to see a real, live baby ! That piqued her interest and I was anxious to see her reaction to an actual moving, fussing, baby who made noises unlike her babydolls. She greeted my friend Jessica with a casual "hi" and a wave, barely seeming to notice the little guy she held in her arms. And then ... she spotted Jasmine. The cat. Elaina has really only been around dogs and doesn't seem to pay them any interest. This cat, however, the kind that says "meow" was fascinating. I was impressed that she only watched Jasmine. She wasn't overly eager to pet her, but only if Jasmine initiated the touch by rubbing against her and Elaina wasn't scared. After that, Jasmine was the only thing that mattered. She didn't pay any attention to the beautifully lit Christmas tree, the baby, Jessica or myself. What a way to start a relationship !

For the record, as you can plainly see, Cole is an absolute doll !

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