Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mommy cracked the code ...

Elaina : "Bobby"

Daddy : Who is this "Bobby" of which you speak ?

Elaina : "Bobby"

Mommy : Do you have a boyfriend ? Who is "Bobby?"

Elaina : "Bobby"

Between Eric and myself, I'm not certain that we know anyone named "Bobby." We know plenty of Bob's and Rob's - but no "Bobby's." Elaina has said "Bobby" many times over which leaves us scratching our heads wondering who in the world she is referring to. She says "Mommy" and "baby" very clearly as she isn't confusing the words or their meanings.

This morning as I dropped Elaina off at the babysitter's house, there she said it ! "Bobby !" Nancy responds by saying to her, "Yes, that's "RUBY." Her dog's name is Ruby ! I was on to something now ...

"Does she call "Ruby" "Bobby?" YES !! Apparently, her almost 2 year-old friend, Luke, calls Ruby "Robby" and Elaina took it a step further renaming her "Bobby !" Aahhh .... it's all coming together. Whew, it's not a new friend, it's not a stranger - it's a 5 pound-ankle-biting-poodle named "Ruby !"

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