Monday, October 23, 2006

3 Strikes and You're Out !

This morning Elaina and I were both scheduled to go the doctor at 8:00 a.m. When I had scheduled this appointment, I had thought that we would be the first ones seen and in and out of the office without a hitch. By the time 8:30 had rolled around and we were still the only ones in the room, I figured my plan had faltered. The doctor finally came in 45 minutes late, stating that she spilled coffee on herself while driving into work and had to go home to change. Ugh ! Funny, how I had brought only a few small toys for Elaina to entertain herself and some books from the waiting room, since I thought we would be so quick. We were there almost 2 hours !

Elaina ended up getting 3 shots and screemed her little head off. Trying to keep from crying myself, I had the nurse proceed with my elected flu shot to my arm while trying to comfort my sweet, miserable child. With soothing words and some soft carressing and a million and one kisses later, we finally made it out of the office intact. While I was strapping Elaina into her carseat, I noticed how she was staring at the front of the office building - studying every piece of siding and stone, knowing that she will never want to return to this God forsaken place to get stabbed again ! Good thing she is free and clear of all shots until she starts kindergarten. That is of course, if we elect to steer clear of the much dreaded flu shot each winter. I'll keep that in mind.

The entire ride home, Elaina was quiet and finally calm. Every motherly instinct was telling me to just stay home and hug my girl all day long. The realistic, professional side of me, who was unable to come up with a good enough excuse to call off, knew that she would be fine at the babysitter's house as planned. By the time we had arrived at Nancy's house, Elaina had fallen asleep, which tore me up even more. I filled Nancy in on our morning and she promised me that she would give her special attention and do everything possible to make Elaina comforatable. Since Nancy loves Elaina like her own grandchild, I had to believe she would give her everything I couldn't for the next 6 hours. I had to remind myself that she would be well cared for - just like every other day.

And just one more thing to add to our stressful morning, it snowed today. Just blowing snow through the air all day, which melted before it hit the ground. Yep, winter is upon us ! Goodbye fall - nice knowing you !

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