Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Path of Destruction !

Okay ... so didn't I just finish saying how much Elaina loves her clothes (and shoes) ? She is so much of my girl - I really could be in trouble !

Elaina has picked up on a new game that she has created around her pajama drawer. She began by choosing the p.j.'s that she wanted to wear to bed tonight and then proceeded to pull out every pair that she owned to place them in a stack on her bean bag chair. She was so pleased with herself as she made about 5 trips back and forth the length of her room, emptying her drawer. What I do love about this little Stinkerbell is that she put every single piece of clothing back into her drawer after only having to ask her one time. Her idea of putting clothing away compared to mommy's idea of putting clothes away are still a long way away from being the same, but she did it ! If you know me at all, you're probably aware that I have a slight neurotic disorder of organization and order. Since Elaina has joined our family, I think that I have come a long way in putting alot of that aside. As long as we're all happy, healthy and not hurting anyone - I think we're doing okay.

As for Elaina's trail of disaster (as you can see in the first photo )... I just have to wonder how long this game may stay appealing to her. Maybe I'll just stop folding her pajamas for good.

NOT ! Come on -it's still me talking !

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Kate said...

That's a pretty clean trail of disaster! She might just inherit the neurosis, if you're lucky.

Picky Pickerson's cousin left a trail of disaster tonight (crayons, toilet paper, cookie, jammies, blankies, etc-- that ended up in a feast out of the trashcan. (He won't eat dinner but a snack out of the trash... GROSS!!) I just don't get it.