Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wedded Bliss !

Can you even believe that Eric and I celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary today ?

Even more unbelievable - I'm still in love with him and haven't yet grown tired of him ! Lucky for me, he seems to feel the same about me !

In total, we've lasted over a decade together. It should go without saying that we've had our share of tears, heartache and devastation -but we've made it through with the strength and support of one another. With this said, we can't fail to mention all of the wonderful joys and happy times we've shared together. We just seem to be a good match for each other. Eric is my best friend and my soft spot to land. He seems to calm me when I need to settle down and I have a way of perking him up to things that he sometimes overlooks. I just have to believe that there is someone for everyone and I couldn't be happier that I am with the person whom I am meant to share the rest of my life with.

Neither of us were up to going out for any type of elaborate celebration this evening. We got carry out for dinner and spent the evening relaxing and sharing our time together. As our evening progressed, I just couldn't be more pleased with how my life has turned out. I look at Elaina and my heart wants to burst with love. I love how Eric loves her and how she relies on us equally to fulfill her needs and her life. She always says "Dadda" and squeals with joy when they play together. This is what I have waited my whole life for ! This is what we always dreamed our marriage would hold for us - mutual love for one another and a beautiful child to share our love with.

My grandparents just celebrated 60 years of marriage on Sunday. Congratulations to them for the example that they have set for their family and friends in their bond of marriage. It's truly admirable to see their compassion and playfulness towards each other after all of their years together.

I pray that our union will stand the test of time to provide the same example to our grandchildren one day.

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