Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Walk to Remember

Today marks the second annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day walk-a-thon.

October 15 has recently been declared, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day by congress. This is the result of a dedicated group of local individuals committed to bringing attention to a heartbreaking reality which so many families are forced to deal with. What a huge accomplishment and reward for their efforts in remembering every baby whose lives were too short.

For this year's walk, it was unfortunate that Eric ended up scheduling a gun show for this very weekend which I had wanted him to be a part of. Last year, we took part in this walk as a family, again with my parents present and some friends. I'm to blame for not making more of an effort this year in organizing a team and doing more fundraising for the cause. The proceeds benefit grieving families of infants, the pregnancy support center and ( I believe) even some money is allotted to The March of Dimes which is a charity close to our hearts. Don't worry, next year, I'll be hounding every one of my readers to join in the walk to remember and share in such a worthy cause.
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This morning, as we prepared to celebrate the efforts of the support group and walk in rembrance of our girls, my mom, dad, Elaina and I bundled up and headed to the walk-a-thon. One factor working against us today was the weather. It was bitter cold and the wind was vicous. We arrived much later than I had anticipated but just in time for the release of a bountiful number of pink and blue balloons. In a formed circle of support and unity, the crowd sang together, " Jesus Loves Me," to which many tears were shed.

It's an overwhelming feeling to see so many families united for the same reason. Each and every one of us has experienced a loss beyond compare. Babies aren't supposed to die - yet that is what we all had in common. Our beautiful babies whom we wanted more than anything to share in our lives and give our hearts to them - have become angels. Seeing so many people together in support made me feel like I wasn't so alone. I have yet to attend a meeting, partly due to Eric's schedule and partly out of fear, but I plan to within the year.

This is an event that holds such special meaning to me for confirming a day each year to celebrate the lives of our beloved babies and their families who must carry on without them. I plan to make this an annual family commitment and make it always part of Elaina's life.

With love and remembrance every single day to our beautiful angels, Ella Rose and Ava Rose. We will forever cherish you and look forward to being together again one day.

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