Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hardly Ever

Let's see ... there's really nothing to report tonight except that we had the most unusual kind of night.

Since Eric bowls every Wednesday night, we reached an agreement that he would be willing to make dinner each Wednesday. (So what if we've had spaghetti 3/3 times - he's gotten really good at it ! ) Again, Elaina ate a minimal amount of food although I tried everything under the sun to feed her. She most certainly wouldn't eat spaghetti noodles -- oh no - they stick to her fingers and she makes a face. All in all, she got some food in her belly and that was enough to make me happy.

After dinner, Elaina was dragging and just about as tired as a little girl could be. Admittedly, so was I. It seems as though I had stayed up too late last night doing some laundry and chores around the house and after battling my allergy headache all day long - I was whipped ! I gathered Elaina and her binkys and climbed into our bed to watch some cartoons and take a little catnap. After the cartoons ended, Little One was too tired to keep her head up anymore and we both fell asleep.

Dying of thirst from the garlic overload at dinnertime, I awoke at 8:45 to find Elaina still sleeping like a baby. I managed to change her diaper, her clothes and tuck her into bed without a peep. So, you see what a most unusual night we had ?

This rarely ever happens and I regret not having any play time with Sweetness, but clearly, we both needed some extra Zzzz's ! Whew, I'm beat !

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