Friday, October 06, 2006


My apologies ... yet another rambling about Elaina's mealtime.

Alas - this one is a little bit funny ! We've already established that Picky Pickerson's parents are most displeased with her eating habits, right ? So, tonight at dinnertime I offered her a bite of macaroni and cheese. Yum ! She loved mac & cheese babyfood from the jar, yet hasn't proven to be a big fan of the "real deal" - but I offer anyway. She examined a piece of macaroni with intense interest, pinched it between her fingers and to her mouth and ..... and - it was met with immediate disgust. I had a bright idea (I thought) ! I fed myself bites from her bowl and yummed and oohed and aahed how good it tasted. And then I fed daddy with her spoon and he loved it too. This was peaking Elaina's interest by now and she decided she was a little bit curious what tasted so good to mommy and daddy. I ignored her outstretched arm and her pleas for a bite and continued our charade for a little while longer. Finally, I gave in and brought a bite of mac & cheese to her mouth for her to enjoy. Blbbtt ! Out of her mouth it came. Can't pull one over on her just yet ! The perils of having an articulate one year old !

Later this same evening, this same little stinker decided to get me back. Since her dinner was far from fulfilling, after her bathtime, I sat her down for a snack of teddy grahams and milk. She ate happily (of course - junk food) and even stretched out her arm with a cracker for me. So I thought. She brought it to my mouth and - psych ! - she tricked me and popped into her mouth ! Again and again, she pulled her little prank and I played into it every last time. I love seeing her develop her own little sense of humor. Her new game provided us both with plenty of smiles and giggles before her bedtime. She can be picky all she wants as long as she is happy ! (and not starving !)

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