Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Calling all units !

Elaina's manning the fire station !!

Tonight, the fire department hosted an open house welcoming families and kids to attend and learn about fire safety. Since Eric is a volunteer with the department, he had to been there early to set up and talk with everyone coming by. This was the first year that his little girl was able to come and be a part of the "fire safety awareness program."

They had set out a huge, 3" plastic mat where Elaina (and the other kids) were able to practice their Stop, Drop and Roll technique. Elaina was more interested in walking all over the mat and stared wide-eyed at the other kids who were actually "rolling" on the mat. At one point, she lay down and said "night, night." She was just kidding, of course ! There was plenty more running to be done !

She took great pleasure in getting behind the wheel of one of the fire trucks and was more than fascinated with all of the lights and buttons ! The girl loves to push buttons ! Just ask great grandma and grandpa ! When we had spent a Sunday afternoon visiting in their motorhome, Elaina had again, gotten behind the wheel and " fixed" all sorts of surprises that awaited them the next day when they went to start their engine. I believe great grandpa mentioned something about the lights, the windshield wipers, the radio, etc. etc. etc.... I guess Elaina just wanted them to remember her visit clearly (loud and clear !) the next day ! She definately made her mark !

All in all, tonight was very enjoyable - hanging out with dad at the fire house, eating cookies and sharing mommy's punch and being chased by a 4 year old boy who wanted to kiss her on the head and hug her ! ( He is the son of one of our neighbors.) Seeing little boys chase after our little girl already .... I don't really know what to think about that !

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